About me

I was born in Torino, Italy, in 1961, I'm a Naturalist (M.S. degree in Natural Science) and I'm a researcher at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). Since 1984 I works at the Institute for Agricultural Mechanization (CNR-IMA) and from 2001 to nowadays I works at the Research Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI). From 2013 I work in the GEOCLIMALP Research group of the CNR-IRPI. Photo on the right: my Vespa at Viverone Lake on April 25, 2010.

My studies are mainly addressed to the: i) Role of ongoing climate change in the morphogenesis of the glacial/periglacial areas and related hazards; ii) Meteo-climatic conditions, especially temperature and precipitation, for triggers of natural instability processes in mountain environments, with particular regard at high-elevation sites; iii) Effect of climate change on the triggering thresholds of landslides in the Alps; iv) Variability and evolution of the main climatic and hydrologic parameters observed in the Italian Alps; v) Evolution of Alpine glaciers in the last 150 years (post LIA), relation with topoclimatic conditions and related impacts; Documentation of natural instability processes in the Alps, with particular attention to processes that occur in glacial and periglacial environment; vi) Development of information management systems (database, GIS, infrastrucures for spatial information), for the storage and management of glacial, periglacial and mountain digital resources, related to the Greater Alpine Region in general, and to the Italian Alps in particular. I'm a member of the executive committee of the Italian Glaciological Committee (CGI) and of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI). Photo on the left, borehole in rock for inserting of a temperature datalogger in the Bessanese glacial basin, July 19, 2016. My scientific publications can be found on this page. Guido Nigrelli is in ResearcherID, a global community where researchers connect. Please email me if you are seeking a copy of any publications.

The main research interest of Guido Nigrelli lies in:

Mountain Weather and Climate
Relation between climate variability and morphodynamic processes at high-elevation sites
Interaction between climate elements and natural instability processes in the Alps
Temperature monitoring in mountain areas by means of acquisition chains and sensors with know uncertainty of measurement
Development of spatial data infrastructures

For a rapid view of the activities see the GeoClimAlp tower at Punta Helbronner (3,462 m).

January 2018